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Newsletter #1

Hi! Now that I’ve finished drawing that enormously long comic book, The Wicked + The Divine, I’ve got time to write a newsletter! Let’s see how it goes, shall we? If it’s terrible, blame Chip.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to send a message to Kieron, Matt, Clayton, Chrissy and I about the end of WicDiv. We’ve been so lucky to be able to tell this story - 45 issues (plus specials) is no easy feat in today’s market - and it’s been incredibly gratifying to see that the end has landed with people the way we hoped. We are all now very tired, but very proud of the work we did together. The 9th and final trade comes out on October 2nd, for those who read in collections.

If you have not sent us a message about the end of WicDiv, I still love you, but I have crossed you off my Best Friends list.

To mark the end of the series, I’ve just put a new print on sale. It’s available for the next two weeks, and that’s it, so if you want one, get your order in soon! It looks like this:

Ah, my stupid children, how I’ll miss them.

I’ve had a little bit of downtime since the book ended. I finally got round to reading THE WATER DANCER, which Ta-Nehisi was kind enough to send to me. As you might expect, it’s incredibly good - moving, exciting, and just plain beautiful in parts. I’ve been playing a bit of CONTROL on PS4 - gimme that weird shit thank you very much. I also bought ASTRAL CHAIN on Switch which is A Lot and I can’t wait to dig into it more. Lastly, I’ve been catching up with my backlog of comics, though the return of PRETTY DEADLY jumped right to the top of the pile.

Time for some bullet points! That’s what people do in newsletters right??

  • We did a big end of an era interview over at Polygon with Alex Spencer. Katie and I were in London for the day to have dinner with Kieron and Chrissy to mark the end of the series, which provided the perfect opportunity for Alex to sit us down and ask a bunch of questions.

  • To mark the end of WicDiv, Comixology are running a big sale on Gillen and McKelvie comics. Blimey, we’ve made a lot of stuff.

  • I am drawing a variant cover for FAR SECTOR, a Green Lantern comic written by NK Jemisin and drawn by Jamal Campbell. As a big fan of Jemisin as a writer and a person, I am very excited to be involved. Due out in November.

I think that’s everything for now. I’m working away on my next big project, which currently involves doing a lot of research reading in what feels like about twenty different fields. I’ve never made it easy on myself. Expect more detail in future newsletters.


PS Here is a photo of Bruce as a reward for reading this far.

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