Holy Home Modern Sick Frankenstein Pilots, Batman!

Hiya, I wanna show you some art


Quick one this time round to let you know about some STUFF that is happening.

Firstly, I have two covers that hit FOC (Final Order Cutoff) soon. FOC is the last chance you have to speak to a retailer to guarantee you can get a comic. Your store may well have it in stock when it’s released, but if you want to be sure, talk to them before FOC.

HOME SICK PILOTS by Dan Watters, Caspar Wijngaard and Aditya Bidikar is a haunted house story set in the 90s, right, but it also has mechs in it, of course. It’s great, and seems to be a deserved hit. I did the variant for #4 and FOC is this coming Monday (the 15th). Here it is with Tom Muller’s excellent trade dress:

MODERN FRANKENSTEIN by Paul Cornell, Emma Vieceli, Pippa Rowland and Simon Rowland is a… well, it’s not easy to categorise. I suppose you could call it romantic horror. The first issue is an intriguing set up for the rest of the series and I can’t wait to see where it goes. FOC is February 25th. I did the variant for the issue, which looks like this:

I’m finishing up the inks for the BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE short I’m doing with Kieron right now. I can’t really share any of it due the nature of the story (you’ll see why), except this little tiny Batman in one panel:

This is much bigger than it’ll look in print.

After that I have another variant to do, another short story with a writer I am a big fan of, and some other stuff all bubbling away.

OK, that’s it! Good luck and do your best,


PS Bruce photo

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