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It’s been so long I should probably remind you that hi, this is my newsletter you signed up for a while back, I’m that Jamie McKelvie guy who makes comics.

Things took a wild turn for the intense work and life-wise towards the end of last year, with not much of it for public consumption, so the newsletter fell to the wayside for a while. Sorry about that/You’re welcome if you hate receiving it.

Anyway, I’m firing it back up again on the occasion of the release of a few variant covers you might be interested in. First up, is one by Matt Wilson and me for EMPYRE #1. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to draw our boy Teddy again. Look how much he’s grown!

Then there is this one, for DECORUM #1 by Hickman and Huddleston. I’ve read the issue and it’s amazing. Out next week!

And finally! Revealed today, a variant for LUDOCRATS #1 by Gillen, Rossignol, Stokely, Bonvillain and Cowles. I’ve not read much by this “Kieron Gillen” guy, but Jim Rossignol is a great writer, and Stokely’s cartooning is perfect for the book. It was an interesting challenge, actually, to interpret his art in my style. Here it is! Professor Hades Zero-K! She’s got a big wrench, because why not, frankly.

As Kieron says: “The press release will be going out later, with more details and the fine cover dress, but with time pressing, I wanted to show it you as quickly as possible. Speak to your retailer! If they need an order code, it’s JAN208731.

(If you want to order the original cover by Jeff, it’s FEB200052. If you want an explanation of how pre-ordering works, I direct you to a comic I made over five years ago)”

Getting back to drawing has been really tough, I won’t lie - physio progress has been very slow, and it’s hard to do the thing that makes you feel worse. But I’m slowly getting there.

Beyond that, I’ve completed the bulk of the research for THE KILLING HORIZON, and am into writing it. I’ve even put up a pinboard to track the development in my new little office, which I believe makes me a real writer. Don’t check, that’s definitely true. There’s a bunch of other work happening, too, along with getting down to some long overdue commissions (If you’re one of those people, thanks for your patience), but I can’t talk about any of it yet. So, you know. Stay tuned.


Oh blimey it's November

Newsletter #7

Honestly, I am sure it was September, like, *gestures* last week.


It’s been one of those weeks that has been really busy, but it feels like I have little to show for it. Lots of reading and research for THE KILLING HORIZON, slowly easing my way back into drawing again, and catching up on admin.

I’m having a lot of fun doing the reading for TKH. It’s a daunting book, because the world has to be invented from the ground up, unlike a comic like WicDiv where the background environment is more or less ours. There are so many moving parts, from calculating distances across space (hey, it’s really big. Did you know that? Like, really big) to figuring out planetary environments to technology levels to societal structures to just how hard I want the science to be. And above all, how it all plays into and serves the story. The world of TKH feels more and more real every day, which is extremely exciting for me.

I’m reticent to share too much of what I’m reading because I don’t want to give any of the story away just yet, but here is an image of a binary star system being born, which is incredible.

Beyond that, I’m currently drawing a cover for a publisher I haven’t work with before, so that’s cool. It’s for a character I pretty much grew up reading. No, sorry, Kieron, it’s not Impactor.


Jeez you’re demanding. OK fine. Next week sees the return of THOUGHT BUBBLE, our favourite convention. It’s moved to Harrogate this year, which is cool, but means I can’t have Nandos for lunch each day. :( Kieron and I will be joined by Matt Wilson, so if you want to see 3/4 of the WicDiv creative team, you’re in luck. If you don’t, whatever, don’t come, I don’t care. Aside from signing at our table, we’re doing a panel to mark the end of the comic, along with flatter Dee Cunniffe. Here’s the details:

The Wicked + The Divine: Epitaph

Time: 13:00-13:50

Location: Room A - Queen’s Suite

Event Type: Panel

Age Range: All Ages

The Wicked + The Divine series is coming to an end. Join the creative team that brought us the beloved comic series and help bid it a final farewell. There will be tears.

In June 2014 The Wicked + The Divine hit the comic book store shelves for the first time. Now over 50 issues in with many an award and accolade earned, the end is here... Join Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson and Dee Cunniffe as they chisel the final words into the tombstone of this iconic comic series.

I note that it happens immediately after the End of Giant Days panel. Does this mean anything? No idea.

Also, the Saturday night party is WicDiv themed, which is enormously touching.


I’m just at the end of Elizabeth Bear’s Ancestral Night, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Tor have announced The Doors Of Eden, from Adrian Tchaikovsky. You may know Adrian from novels such as Children of Time, AKA THE BEST BOOK EVER, so this is very exciting. His latest, Made Things, is out this week, because apparently he doesn’t sleep.

Music-wise, I’ve been listening to the brand new Bossy Love debut, Me + U. They’ve been around the scene in Glasgow for a while so I’ve been looking forward to it and it doesn’t disappoint. Anamanaguchi’s latest is great, especially the collaboration with Hana, On My Own, which sounds like the Sayonara Wild Hearts soundtrack after about 20 packs of Haribo. Hana pops up on another collab with Gryffin, Nothing Like You, on an album that also features Carly Rae Jepsen and Marina, so is well worth a listen.

OK bye love you,



A relatively quiet week

Newsletter #6


How are you today? I’m fine thanks for asking.

This week work was largely confined to research reading along astronomy lines, which has been fun and occasionally mind-blowing. Space, it’s very big. Other than that, I was busy putting together the WicDiv prints to send out to people who bought them last month.

My variant cover for NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell’s FAR SECTOR, a new Green Lantern story from the Young Animal imprint, was revealed:

I’m a huge fan of Jemisin’s, so working on this was an honour. If you haven’t read the BROKEN EARTH trilogy, you really should.


This week also saw a visit to Scotland by friends Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, so they came over to play a game of Mobile Frame Zero. Despite Michael’s boldest efforts, Becky claimed victory, but not before the entire table was covered in mech and scenery debris.

Michael just announced his new book with Noah Bailey, TREMOR DOSE, at Comixology. I’ve read it and it’s fantastic. Unsettling, creepy and weird, in the best ways.

Speaking of comics reading, I also read and really enjoyed Ophiucus. It’s a YA SF book, but don’t let the cuteness deceive you - it’s intense.

I’ve also been reading APOSIMZ, the latest manga by Tsutomu Nihei. I have a weird relationship with his work. There’s things about it I’m not keen on, but there’s something very compelling about his books. I’m also fascinated by his development as an artist. BLAME! was filled with details and deep blacks:

And while he’s on record as saying the shift away from that to his style in KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA was a deliberate attempt to become more commercial, he’s pushed through that to the sparse, delicate style of APOSIMZ:

A reminder that any art career is a work in progress.

Music! Helps the people! Come together!

Some good stuff out this week and last. Firstly, the SHHE album came out last week. I was a huge fan of Eyes Shut and the rest of the album lives up to it. A new Makeup and Vanity Set album is always cause for (dark, synthy) celebration. Caroline Polachek (ex-Chairlift) released her first solo album under her own name, and I’m looking forward to listening to it. And finally, the original Sugababes are back! Just with a cover of UK Garage classic Flowers for now, but hopefully more original stuff next year. As I said on twitter:

And now I’m off to watch Katie on a panel at the Golden Hare Books Festival about small press publishing, so that’s all for now!


My Fast & Furious Newsletter Naming System Has Broken Down

Newsletter #5


(Persephone is/photo from Malia)

I’m just about recovered from the whirlwind of NYCC. Thank you to everyone who came to our signings & panels. You were all very lovely to us.

The WicDiv panel was a very tired (me, Clayton) and emotional (Kieron) affair, excellently moderated by Katie West. It’s hard to put into words how much it means to us that our readers have stuck with us on this five year journey, but sitting in front of that packed-out room of people was really great.

Because I’m sneaky, I used that panel to announce my next book.



I talked to Evan Narcisse at io9 about it. Here’s what I say about the story of the comic:

The post-post-apocalyptic future. Far from Earth, a specialist in studying dead alien societies is embedded with a military unit to excavate a new find. She’s done it before. It’s good work and it’s safe. She thinks it’s just another job.

She’s wrong.

Lost and alone, deep beneath the warped, skeletal spires of the millennia-dead city, she finds something powerful. Something unlike anything any human has ever known. Something that needs her to take it on a journey no living being has ever taken. Something that will make her a target for every side fighting a deadly war. It calls to her.

She answers.

Head over there to read the rest of the interview.

I am extremely excited to be working with Matt Wilson, Aditya Bidikar, Cecile Richard and Katie West on it. Matt and I are long term collaborators, of course, but we never rest on our laurels, and are already working on what new stuff we can bring to this project. Aditya is one of my favourite letterers, never afraid to experiment and work with the art to enhance the page. Cecile’s logo up there is absolutely killer, and that design sensibility will continue into the comic. Katie is a sharp editor of both text and image, and she’s going to bring out the best in my work. Expect the comic to be released in Summer 2020.


They say don’t meet your heroes, but I met up with William Gibson, who was delightful, and we did a book swap. He’s written several books that mean a lot to me, so can’t wait to dig into this one.

The same night, we threw a WicDiv Wake party. Organised by the extremely hardworking Jazzlyn Stone and aided by a brilliant group of volunteers, it was an incredible night. Ivan Salazar, Al Ewing, Jazzlyn, Katie, Kieron and I DJed throughout the evening, and the dancefloor was pumping right from the start. It wasn’t all dancing though - this being WicDiv, there was a fair bit of crying going on. In the good way. A cathartic send off to a book that has changed our lives. I’m looking at the official photos from the event right now, and it really drives home that an incredible community formed around our comic.

(Photographer: Savannah Lauren)

That’s all the news for now!


PS. Bruce waiting for me to finish my physio exercises so I can pet her

Newsletter: Tokyo Drift

Newsletter #4


Alright! This is going to have to be a quick one because I had a massive migraine yesterday and I didn’t get any of the work I needed to do done.


There’s going to be a WicDiv party on the Saturday night of NYCC!

Here’s what Kieron has to say about it:

Here’s the ticket link.

There’s all the details on the site, in terms of venue and similar.

There’s two ticket prices listed.

$10 General Admission: for those who come to solely dance.

$40 Valhalla access: includes other party distractions.

There will be a limited number of tickets on the door on the night, but we’re limited by the Venue’s capacity. We're figuring out an easy upgrade system if you buy a General Admission ticket now, but later decide you want Access to Valhalla. Who are we to deny you.

There will be music and dancing, and love and romancing. Er. Not sure about the last two, actually. I’ll check with my editor.


Kieron and I are doing a number of signings at NYCC, and here’s the details:


11am: Signing in the Autograph Area

5pm: Signing at the Midtown Comics booth


11am: I LOVE YOU 3000: Managing real feelings about fictional characters, room 1B03.

12.15pm: Signing in the Autograph Area

5pm: Signing at the Midtown Comics booth


11am: Signing in the Autograph Area

5pm: Signing at the Midtown Comics booth


11am: Signing in the Autograph Area

4pm: Signing at Image Comics booth. You might want to come to this one. No reason.

Kieron is doing some other stuff by himself, but you can go to his newsletter for that.


Well, reaction to this week’s teaser image for my next comic was very exciting for me, so thanks for that! I cannot wait to show you what the team (and it is a team now, fully assembled) has in store for you next year.

This week the logo came together (thanks to the amazing Cecile Richard), and I got a bunch more research reading done. The overall shape of the project is getting more solid each day. I think it’s gonna be good.

And now I have to run out to D&D.


PS Bruce

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